Our History

Since 1947...


CAMBRIDGE Fibres LTD. is a family owned and operated business. Originally a textile company, we operated under the MacKey Wool label (www.mackeywool.com) established in 1947. In 1964, we changed our name to identify our new company with our new city.

Over the decades, our focus has changed. During the 70's we primarily made macramé cord.  Then, we added our 2-ply poly that is still used worldwide to crochet placemats. To stay competitive during the 90's, a small division of our company was dedicated to manufacturing pillow forms and fibre fill. We pride ourselves in manufacturing the finest "carded" hollow-fill stuffing. Unbelieveable but true - our 'cards' are over 75 years old!

As our customers have changed, so have we. Primarily, we now sell hand-knitted yarns, 2-ply poly and fibre fill. We do still manufacture macramé cord, hammock cord and slipper yarns.

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